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Technology for the mind…

What does your social media strategy picture look like?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Every time a new social media tool comes out it is like opening a new box of crayons. Vivid colors and perfect tips make me think anything is possible.

However, like a box of crayons, how we use social media tools and what we create depends on our knowledge and maturity level with the given tool.

Assume that this palm tree is my social media strategy. It is excited because it is new and it has a lot of support as it is starting out.

I am new to social media and I decide I am going to start out with one tool. That tool may be Twitter; it may be Facebook; it may be a blog or even a YouTube video. But because I am not really sure what to do with it I apply that tool to all parts of my social media strategy and I get something that looks like this:

I am so proud of having a social media tool that I hang it on my company’s refrigerator and tell the world I have a strategy in place. But as I learn a little more I realize that the one tool I chose has a lot of blank spots and in some cases it’s not even within the borders of my strategy. I am losing support within my organization because my use of social media is not working the way I have heard it does for everyone else. So I change things up a bit and go the total opposite direction. I jump in full force with every tool out there, including tools in other countries just to say I have a presence everywhere. At this point my strategy will look something like this:

Now I am spread so thin that although I have every social media tool ever developed, I do not have time to focus on any one and use them properly in the right places. Again I am losing support as nothing I try seems to work as expected. As time goes on, I realize that I really like five or six tools. I am proficient with them; I can handle keeping up with them. I can even blend them together with other tools to be even more productive. My customers and I are engaging more effectively and I have a social media strategy that looks like this:

I have a blended social media strategy that connects me with the right people in the right places. Customers are able to engage with me, and my support in the organization is growing as our strategy is becoming more valuable to us.

What does your social media strategy picture look like?

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