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Technology for the mind…

5 Creative uses for QR Codes in 5 days – Day 5 – Carrying your QR Codes in your Pocket

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

With all the talk this week about videos and power points with our QR Codes, it seems kind of awkward to talk about carrying them in your pocket. Here are two ways that make carrying your QR Code with you everywhere a possibility.

In today’s tech culture, from grade schoolers to senior citizens most of us don’t go anywhere without our cell phones. There is a company called that allows us to make custom coverings for our mobile devices. This “skinning” process does two things for me. First I am able to recognize my iPhone instantly when I accidentally lay it somewhere. And second it allows me to carry my QR Code with me and display it at all times.

The second way we can carry around our QR Codes in our pockets is by including them on our business cards. This raises the question that if they have my business card, why would they need the QR Code?

When I see a QR Code, I am excited I want to scan it in and see where it goes as soon as possible. I will assume that others like to do that as well. Now, think for a minute, the last time you exchanged business cards with someone, do you remember where that card is? Is it in a drawer, a folder, did it get left in your pocket and washed when you returned home from your meeting? If the QR Code was scanned, the information is still in your QR Code reader’s history.

Think about all the information that is unique about you that is contained on your website that can’t fit on the business card, but through the QR Code on your card is now right at the fingertips of the contact you just made.

I hope that the creative tips I have shared this week help you understand QR Codes a little more and may even get you thinking about even more creative ways to use them.

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